ShowBox android app for your Chromecast – Download and Installation tutorial

ShowBox lets you watch your favorite movies and TV without throwing in ads and other interruptions. Learn here how to install movie android app ShowBox on your Chromecast. 

Why use ShowBox app?

You can watch movies and shows on TV. Then why install this app?

It’s kind of crazy to be channel surfing and hoping to find a show or movie you like. You spend more time looking for something to watch than actually staying on one channel and enjoying something from the beginning till the end.

This would be like going to a restaurant and looking at all the food in the kitchen, pacing back and forth until you finally choose the damn calamari that you knew you were going to pick 20 minutes ago but wasn’t sure.

Why didn’t you just check the menu? That’s exactly what ShowBox is, think of it as a menu for all the movies and shows you want to watch without having to look for a long time since everything is in specific categories.

ShowBox lives in your smart device, whispering loving words like, “HD movies forever, sweetheart” or “Use me with Chromecast, my queen.” Yup, you can load up Show Box on a Chromecast, which means you can stream films and shows on your TV as well.

Get ShowBox On Your Chromecast

The Chromecast is the answer to the Apple TV problem. Where the Apple TV is expensive and proprietary to iOS and OS X, the Chromecast is compatible with all devices, including PC and Mac. It’s also a lot cheaper than the Apple TV and makes any TV with an HDMI connection a smart TV.

This very small portable dongle hosts many apps and services, including the ShowBox app, which means you can access virtually any film or show that is accessible through paid services like Hulu or Netflix but for free.

These two pieces of technology work really well together, it’s the greatest partnership since cup holders and theater chairs working together to make the movie-goer enjoy a film. The last piece of the puzzle after getting those two is a Wi-Fi connection, the Chromecast can receive connectivity from your modem.

Download and Installation Tutorial Of ShowBox For Your Chromecast

Bought the Chromecast now? Good. Hopefully, you picked up something nice for your mom too. Now let’s continue on to install ShowBox on your new Chromecast.

                  ShowBox Chromecast

Just as you predicted, turn your TV on it’s side so you can reach the HDMI port and plug in the Chromecast. This is probably the most dangerous part, make sure you don’t knock your TV down.

Pair your Android device with the Chromecast by following the on-screen instructions.

Open the ShowBox movie app on your smart device

Check out any film you’ve been interested in seeing (hopefully The Matrix) on your Chromecast. By the way, you can even blast videos you’ve recorded yourself to the Chromecast as well.

Select your preferred video quality, are you good enough for 1080p? Of course you are, have some self- love bro.

Next, when choosing how to view your video, select MX Player, it’s sort of like the VLC for Chromecast because it plays the most formats.

Now depending on your connection, the video will load up pretty quickly. If it takes a while due to your Wi-Fi being slow, while you’re waiting go back to the tech store and buy your mom another gift.

                       Select AllCast

Older versions of ShowBox require streaming through MX Player. MX Player does not support the Chromecast. Since MX Player does not natively support the Chromecast, we will need to use GrowBox to allow video playback to the TV set.

Growbox – A Solution For Not Being Able To Cast With Latest ShowBox Android App

You think you would be abandoned at this stage? No way, Jose.

GrowBox is an Android APK file allowing you to use the MX Player. Growbox fixes compatibility issues and just sends the video URL and Headers received from ShowBox to any app.


Growbox Android app developers added a feature to send headers on the video request with Allcast. After following this installation process, Growbox will let Allcast users select ShowBox and it’ll actually work.

Setup Steps:

1. If you’ve already got MX Player, uninstall that bad boy from your device.

2. Install Growbox app

3. Install AllCast from Google Play Store

4. Cast from ShowBox Android app. Look out for the “open with” option, and you need to choose AllCast.

5. All Done.

Note: MX player NEEDS to be uninstalled, Growbox needs to simulate that app. MX player is like that friend you know who keeps getting in the way of talking to that girl at a party. Just avoid MX player and you’ll be a real player.

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