Is there an alternative Showbox app for Windows / Lumia Smart phones

Read on and learn what is ShowBox alternative app on Window Phone systems. ShowBox is the ultimate app for watching free TV shows and films on your mobile and TV. The app is originally an APK [runs on Android device] but you can easily implement a workaround to make it work on Windows Phone. 

To tell you the truth, the workaround is really simple. There is a clone app MovieBox that works perfectly on Windows Phone and it’s a clone of ShowBox movie app.

Can Your Windows Phone be exciting again with ShowBox App?

Your life is always super exciting; everywhere you go people are praising your presence, throwing themselves at you hoping you’ll bless their lives with just a glance from your angel face. Of course none of this is true and in fact, people avoid eye contact with you because you’re the most boring person on the planet.

Well, that’s not true either but most of us are somewhere in between those two extremes. If you’ve got a Microsoft phone, you’re also in between extreme fanaticisms about the iPhone and the Android.

Debates about whether the iPhone or the Android is king always forgets to include Microsoft as a possibility too.

But in the case of streaming movies and shows on your phone as easily as the other two can, you’re in luck.

ShowBox is an app that gives you access to as many movies as your Microsoft father Bill Gates has dollars.

show box lumia

The ShowBox app is a polygamist because it isn’t exclusive with just one OS. So whether you’re on Microsoft, Kindle Fire, Blackberry, iPhone, etc. you’ll be able to use this app.

MovieBox is alternative for ShowBox on Windows phone. Check out its features 

Everyone loves twins right? Well, ShowBox has an identical twin when it comes to features. The Lumia phone doesn’t have Showbox.

Instead, there’s an app called MovieBox that was born with it in the womb of streaming movies. Both were born of the same mother and then separated at birth because of a complicated kidnapping that would take too long to explain right now. So MovieBox is a great alternative, here are some highlights of features the app has.

Just as easy to use as ShowBox. And an installation process that is simpler than reading this sentence.

No need to make an account which means no risk of forgetting your username and password.

Depending on your phones compatibility, up to 1080p content is available.

More movies and TV shows than the length of your lifetime.

Dedicated download manager to contain all your saved content. Remember when you had to store piles of DVDs before all this?

Sharing capabilities so you can send to your friends and family.

Just like a music playlist, you can set up rows of films you want to automatically play after a finished film.

You can sort by date, genre, actors, director, etc. just like how you organize your secret doll collection that your friends don’t know about.

Who said Microsoft phones don’t have enough apps?

This app takes care of all your entertainment needs. Maybe it’s not as powerful as your secret doll collection, but that’s a weird obsession you’ve secretly had since you were a child and no app would be able to replace that.

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