Is there an alternative Showbox app for Windows / Lumia Smart phones

Read on and learn what is ShowBox alternative app on Window Phone systems. ShowBox is the ultimate app for watching free TV shows and films on your mobile and TV. The app is originally an APK [runs on Android device] but you can easily implement a workaround to make it work on Windows Phone. 

To tell you the truth, the workaround is really simple. There is a clone app MovieBox that works perfectly on Windows Phone and it’s a clone of ShowBox movie app.

Can Your Windows Phone be exciting again with ShowBox App?

Your life is always super exciting; everywhere you go people are praising your presence, throwing themselves at you hoping you’ll bless their lives with just a glance from your angel face. Of course none of this is true and in fact, people avoid eye contact with you because you’re the most boring person on the planet.

Well, that’s not true either but most of us are somewhere in between those two extremes. If you’ve got a Microsoft phone, you’re also in between extreme fanaticisms about the iPhone and the Android.

Debates about whether the iPhone or the Android is king always forgets to include Microsoft as a possibility too.

But in the case of streaming movies and shows on your phone as easily as the other two can, you’re in luck.

ShowBox is an app that gives you access to as many movies as your Microsoft father Bill Gates has dollars.

show box lumia

The ShowBox app is a polygamist because it isn’t exclusive with just one OS. So whether you’re on Microsoft, Kindle Fire, Blackberry, iPhone, etc. you’ll be able to use this app.

MovieBox is alternative for ShowBox on Windows phone. Check out its features 

Everyone loves twins right? Well, ShowBox has an identical twin when it comes to features. The Lumia phone doesn’t have Showbox.

Instead, there’s an app called MovieBox that was born with it in the womb of streaming movies. Both were born of the same mother and then separated at birth because of a complicated kidnapping that would take too long to explain right now. So MovieBox is a great alternative, here are some highlights of features the app has.

Just as easy to use as ShowBox. And an installation process that is simpler than reading this sentence.

No need to make an account which means no risk of forgetting your username and password.

Depending on your phones compatibility, up to 1080p content is available.

More movies and TV shows than the length of your lifetime.

Dedicated download manager to contain all your saved content. Remember when you had to store piles of DVDs before all this?

Sharing capabilities so you can send to your friends and family.

Just like a music playlist, you can set up rows of films you want to automatically play after a finished film.

You can sort by date, genre, actors, director, etc. just like how you organize your secret doll collection that your friends don’t know about.

Who said Microsoft phones don’t have enough apps?

This app takes care of all your entertainment needs. Maybe it’s not as powerful as your secret doll collection, but that’s a weird obsession you’ve secretly had since you were a child and no app would be able to replace that.

MovieBox App – Installation Tutorial for iPhone and iPad without a Jailbreak

How To Install MovieBox App On Apple iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreaking.

MovieBox app is a great way to get access to unlimited entertainment. Although the app is native to Android, you can also install it on your iOS devices and watch movies and TV shows without having to pay for them.

The good news is that you don’t have to jailbreak your device to get this app working. Read on and learn how to install MovieBox on your iOS device.

Streaming movies and TV shows on iOS isn’t easy

Any online discussion about Android’s open source advantages over iOS’s closed system always ends up in keyboard warriors throwing spears at each other in comment sections.

The main insult Android users say is about how iOS users have to go through a semi-complicated process called jailbreaking in order to be able to customize and add new features the way Android fanboys can do by default.

Though this is true, in the case of streaming films and shows without any hassle on iOS, you, in fact, don’t have to jailbreak to acquire free unlimited streaming.

Hear that? That’s the sound of millions of iOS users sticking their tongues out and saying, “Pffffft. Told you so.”

You still look skeptical. Can you really use MovieBox on your iPhone and iPad? You bet your funny looking face you can.

So MovieBox used to be a tweak you could download via jailbreak in the past but people who sacrifice their time and energy to support iOS users figured out how to bypass Apple’s tight grip on our freedom to do what we want since iOS 8.1.3. No more Android users laughing at us and making us want to run home and curl up into your mothers’ arms for reassurance that Apple isn’t trying to break our hearts.

iOS Installation Tutorial

iOS is known for having millions of quality apps. But in a few moments, you’re going to discover iOS heaven where movies and shows massage your entire body while dropping 1080p HD quality grapes into your mouth that have zero calories.

So you can eat as many HD videos as you want without gaining weight, just follow the instructions before you get drunk though.

Before anything, go to on your iOS device.

See where it says “Download” Yup you guessed it, download that sweet, delicious link.

vShare Download

When the pop-up notification asks you for permission to install vShare, be a king and let it happen.

Click on Install

Once the installation process is complete, open it and click on trust.

Once that’s done installing, open the app and search for the MovieBox app.

Use search box to search any app

Whenever you download something in vShare, the download progress will be viewable at the bottom.

And just like an app, you would download from the play store, the MovieBox will appear on your home screen. You might as well delete all your other apps because this one will take up most of your time. In fact, delete all your friends, who needs friends when you can watch Brad Pitt 24/7 in films.

Movie Box app for iOS 8.3, 8.2, 8.1.3

So now you can easily open your app, start searching your favorite movies, TV shows, and lots of other videos.

One more guideline I would like to provide you is to keep in mind that when every iOS updates, It removes the previous installation methods, so your movie box might get removed after the update.

Therefore, if you find movie box very crucial for you don’t go for any iOS update unless required importantly.

Okay, after 48 hours of non-stop Brad Pitt, start searching and saving your other favorite films and shows but make sure you don’t abandon Brad Pitt, he get’s a little insecure sometimes.

Something to be aware of, whenever you update your OS, MovieBox will be removed after the update. So update if you must have the new features rolling out from Apple.

But at this point, what feature would be worth losing Brad Pitt?

Showbox Android App – Best movie app for Streaming and Downloading Movies

Learn basic info about ShowBox

ShowBox Android app is a savior and you know it right away when you look at monstrous subscription charges that you pay for selected streams.

ShowBox movie app lets you watch it all, without having to pay anything. The app is built for Android OS but you can run it on any OS using a few tricks.

It’s about keeping up with everything…

The world is going a million light-years around you and keeping up with everything is impossible. If you think about it, subscription streaming services profit off the fact that you don’t have enough time to watch everything, so you don’t ever really see everything you want even though you’re paying monthly.

It’s like an All-You-Can-Eat buffet, you pay extra compared to a regular restaurant but you don’t really eat all that you can.

Unlimited content stream isn’t a dream, it’s a choice

As in the example above, it’s the same case when it comes to unlimited content streaming, if you go down the route of a paid service, you’re really throwing your hard earned cash down a hole since you won’t find the time to truly watch everything you want.

That’s how these paid streaming services make a fortune and you stay devoid of ‘unlimited’ content even when you’re actually paying for it.

ShowBox is the perfect solution. It’s free and if you don’t end up seeing everything you want, you’ve lost nothing since you didn’t pour gasoline on your money and set it on fire with paid services.

I know you want to rush to Google Play store. But you won’t get it there. The trick to watch unlimited video content is patience my friend.

Smart Features Of ShowBox

We know what you’re thinking, “Oh it’s free? It probably sucks then. I’m going back to my cave now.” Wait! As most things that are free do suck (love, the sky, air) in this rare case, ShowBox being free does in fact not suck and also provides advantages over paid services. Here are some highlights of ShowBox.

Stream Movies online- ShowBox App

HD quality movies and shows ready for you to eat them up.

ShowBox movie app is so easy your grandparents can use it even without their reading glasses.

The ShowBox apk is compatible with other platforms such as Mac OS, Blackberry and Windows. No racism here.

Loads up content fast so you can squeeze in secret viewings at work faster.

Unlike evil Hulu or YouTube, you don’t have to see ads during your content.

Save your content to your phone for offline use.

Exploring the app yourself will reveal other smaller features. The last big featured mentioned was saving content for use when not Wi-Fi or data. This is probably the most bonkers feature there is. Not even apps like Netflix allow you to save videos to your device.

Is ShowBox Android App Free?

Buy me a bear for introducing you to this app if you feel like paying for the app. But the app is free to use. You don’t pay anything. Yeah you heard it right, NOTHING.

You can dry your moneys tears, you won’t be parting ways with it. Hug your money and cook it breakfast because it’s going to stay in your pocket for a long time, as long as you end up not spending on that fancy lamp just cause you’re saving money using ShowBox now. ShowBox almost replaces the TV experience because you can see cartoons and children’s shows as well.

The only thing it doesn’t stream is live news or sports, but future updates are intending to include that eventually. But you’re not paying a cent so no need to feel impatient, now please kiss your money and massage their feet, please don’t buy that lamp.

ShowBox android app – The Faster and Smarter way to watch Free Movies and TV shows

Information about ShowBox Android app which helps you stream and download free movies.
Read on and learn why you shoudl get this movie app.

We love being entertained while eating. Since the olden days, having big feasts while watching gladiators fight for their lives for our amusement is something that still lives in our DNA. It’s why we eat popcorn in theaters or go out to sporting events and order hot dogs.

But modern living isn’t as exciting as the times we would watch life or death battles while chewing on raw chicken.

When we’re out in public now at a local restaurant or fast food place eating junk food, we just sit there and hope a hobo doesn’t ask us for a piece of food.

Wouldn’t it be great to bring your personal taste in entertainment wherever you go, including all the cheap and crappy places you like to eat at?

Enter ShowBox for Android, streaming and downloading shows and films whenever you want, no napkin needed.

Why ShowBox app is becoming so popular?

ShowBox is available for Android including other platforms like Mac OS, Blackberry, Kindle Fire and Windows. To run on devices that aren’t Android, you just need to run an Android emulator to trick your system into being compatible.

Sure, you have to lie to your operating system to run it, but you already lie about how much you really weigh don’t you?

Don’t you wear shoes to seem taller as well?

I know you can lie and you’re impatient about finding out what this app can REALLY do for you. Here are a bunch of great features you’ll get with Show Box.

ShowBox Mesmerizing Features

When it comes to features, I would like to highlight its few amazing feature that will surely mesmerism you. The features are as follows:

Do you like features? Do you like free features? Well, then you’re gonna make this app your husband/wife and have the best most awkward wedding ever! Check out some highlights.

Streaming movies, TV shows, cartoons, documentaries, etc. anytime you want
Option to save your content to your phone so you can show off when you don’t have Wi-Fi.
Crisp HD quality you would expect from paid services.
User-friendly, so you don’t have to learn anything new. Learning is so overrated.
Able to use an Android emulator to run on non-Android operating systems.
No ads will disrupt your viewing habits, so 7 hours of binge-watching your favorite show won’t be interrupted.

Show Box Watch movies online free
ShowBox Watch movies online free

ShowBox Is All Yours!

Probably one of the few reasons why apps like Hulu or Netflix are more popular is mainly because the general public doesn’t know about apps like ShowBox. They’re not aware that streaming and downloading for free can be really easy.

If you had a choice between paying for air or breathing for free, which would you choose?

We’re pretty sure you would desperately put effort into finding free alternative sources. That’s just like ShowBox, just putting in 1% more effort in finding this app gives you a lifetime of rewards.

Paid services kill your data while you’re roaming as well, so in a weird way, not only are you paying for the service, but you’re also paying for data use while outside of a Wi-Fi spot.

ShowBox totally obliterates this cost by letting you save your shows for use outside of Wi-Fi spots. So whether you’ve got a PC, Mac, mobile device, and probably in the future a dog that can play movies, ShowBox has your back.