Showbox Movie App: install and run it on your Apple Mac

Now you can download and install movie app ShowBox apk on your Apple Mac via Genymotion Android Emulator. Read on to learn how

ShowBox Movie Application

You can run virtual emulator on a Mac and enjoy your favorite movies and TV using ShowBox application.
You will be using an emulator known as Genymotion to run the ShowBox apk [originally for Android]. See bellow how to do it.
Being able to run multiple operating systems on a Mac is easier than it was before. In fact, restarting your computer just to boot up another OS is a thing of the past thanks to virtualization software emulating full functioning OS’s that aren’t Mac OS X.

Can you believe that used to be the only way? That’s like having to leave your house and then walk back in just to change your clothes.

Thanks to virtualization, ShowBox, an Android app for watching movies and television, can be used on Apple Mac OS X.

You no longer need to get dressed and head to a nearby tech store to purchase an Android device; you can stay naked in your bed and run Android on your Mac. All you need is an Android emulator called Genymotion to run ShowBox Android app.


Install Show box using Genymotion  Emulator

Genymotion Android Emulator for ShowBox

Genymotion is an Android app emulator mainly for developers and app testers, but in your case, it’s also great for your unlimited thirst for every film and show that you can fit on your all-you-can-eat dinner plate.

Genymotion is based on Virtual Box, which means you’re not required to install virtual box since it’s included. This method can be used on Windows and Linux as well, so if you’ve got a Windows machine as well, you STILL don’t have stopped being naked and head to a tech store to get a PC.


Installation Steps For ShowBox On Mac OS X via Genymotion Emulator

Movie App ShowBox and Genymotion are the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of media hubs, they’re perfect for each other and contain full functionality on platforms other than Android itself.

So without further adieu, invite all your friends and enemies over because the following instructions will explain how to install ShowBox on Apple Mac OS X.

Install ShowBox using Genymotion Emulator

Genymotion Part 1

• Before anything, the first step is to create an account on Genymotion’s website.
• After doing so, install the Genymotion emulator to your Mac.
• Once that is complete, download VirtualBox and install on your Mac.
• Now you can open it and enter your login information.
• Select ‘Add virtual device (Recommended resolution 1080×1920) then choose the added device to run the virtual device
Part 2 of the instructions will come next year, directed by Steven Spielberg. Just kidding, here it is.

ShowBox app installation Part 2

• Download the ShowBox .apk file here.
• Now drag that sucker to your installed virtual device.
• The app will notify you about updating; you can say yes if you want or do it another time.

• Guess what, that’s it. You’re still naked, didn’t have to go buy an Android device, and can enjoy free movies and TV anytime you want.