MovieBox App – Installation Tutorial for iPhone and iPad without a Jailbreak

How To Install MovieBox App On Apple iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreaking.

MovieBox app is a great way to get access to unlimited entertainment. Although the app is native to Android, you can also install it on your iOS devices and watch movies and TV shows without having to pay for them.

The good news is that you don’t have to jailbreak your device to get this app working. Read on and learn how to install MovieBox on your iOS device.

Streaming movies and TV shows on iOS isn’t easy

Any online discussion about Android’s open source advantages over iOS’s closed system always ends up in keyboard warriors throwing spears at each other in comment sections.

The main insult Android users say is about how iOS users have to go through a semi-complicated process called jailbreaking in order to be able to customize and add new features the way Android fanboys can do by default.

Though this is true, in the case of streaming films and shows without any hassle on iOS, you, in fact, don’t have to jailbreak to acquire free unlimited streaming.

Hear that? That’s the sound of millions of iOS users sticking their tongues out and saying, “Pffffft. Told you so.”

You still look skeptical. Can you really use MovieBox on your iPhone and iPad? You bet your funny looking face you can.

So MovieBox used to be a tweak you could download via jailbreak in the past but people who sacrifice their time and energy to support iOS users figured out how to bypass Apple’s tight grip on our freedom to do what we want since iOS 8.1.3. No more Android users laughing at us and making us want to run home and curl up into your mothers’ arms for reassurance that Apple isn’t trying to break our hearts.

iOS Installation Tutorial

iOS is known for having millions of quality apps. But in a few moments, you’re going to discover iOS heaven where movies and shows massage your entire body while dropping 1080p HD quality grapes into your mouth that have zero calories.

So you can eat as many HD videos as you want without gaining weight, just follow the instructions before you get drunk though.

Before anything, go to on your iOS device.

See where it says “Download” Yup you guessed it, download that sweet, delicious link.

vShare Download

When the pop-up notification asks you for permission to install vShare, be a king and let it happen.

Click on Install

Once the installation process is complete, open it and click on trust.

Once that’s done installing, open the app and search for the MovieBox app.

Use search box to search any app

Whenever you download something in vShare, the download progress will be viewable at the bottom.

And just like an app, you would download from the play store, the MovieBox will appear on your home screen. You might as well delete all your other apps because this one will take up most of your time. In fact, delete all your friends, who needs friends when you can watch Brad Pitt 24/7 in films.

Movie Box app for iOS 8.3, 8.2, 8.1.3

So now you can easily open your app, start searching your favorite movies, TV shows, and lots of other videos.

One more guideline I would like to provide you is to keep in mind that when every iOS updates, It removes the previous installation methods, so your movie box might get removed after the update.

Therefore, if you find movie box very crucial for you don’t go for any iOS update unless required importantly.

Okay, after 48 hours of non-stop Brad Pitt, start searching and saving your other favorite films and shows but make sure you don’t abandon Brad Pitt, he get’s a little insecure sometimes.

Something to be aware of, whenever you update your OS, MovieBox will be removed after the update. So update if you must have the new features rolling out from Apple.

But at this point, what feature would be worth losing Brad Pitt?