Popcorn Time Movie App – Install it and get free movies and videos in your iOS/iPhone

Installation Tutorial of Popcorn Time App 

The best things come in threes, and in this case, after ShowBox and MovieBox or 123movies the third best content streaming app is Popcorn Time. It lets you watch your favorite movies on a platform of your choice. If you’re wondering how to install it, be patient. Patience serves well in the end.

Good News: Everything you need to know about Popcorn Time app is here.

Popcorn Time app is the youngest of the three, so even though it’s learning from his two bigger brothers, he’s reached capabilities beyond it’s years thanks to a loving home and brothers who protect Popcorn Time from their abusive father and mother, Netflix and Hulu.

What can Popcorn Time app do for you?

Just like with the other two, you can stream/download films and shows whenever you want (on Wi-Fi or mobile data) using emulators covering Android, Windows, Blackberry, Kindle Fire and Mac OS X.

Popcorn time is especially good for iOS users since ShowBox and MovieBox can’t run their respective Android versions on iPhones or iPads.

Popcorn Time is especially easy to use since you don’t have to jailbreak your iOS device to use it.

Yes, no jailbreaking, seriously. It works without it!

This all adds up to even more reason to abandon Netflix and Hulu and call child services on them so Popcorn Time will never be hurt again.

Popcorn Time App
Popcorn Time App

Look at the little Popcorn Time mascot. Poor little guy, how could Netflix and Hulu ever hurt him? Let’s honor his recovery by checking out his features.

What makes Popcorn Time app enjoyable?

Popcorn Time is a sleek looking app that has friendly controls. When you open the app, searching recently added content is available at a glance, therefore making your life easier.

Using Popcorn Time on an iOS platform is easy but getting it on there takes about 1% more effort only because you need a Windows PC to do so. This leaves you with the only option of using Parallels or Bootcamp to emulate Windows on Mac.

But let’s focus on Windows right now, one thing at a time cowboy.

Installation Procedure Tutorial:

1. You need to install iTunes onto Windows first. I know I know, this is like sleeping with the enemy right now. But trust us it’s worth it.

2. Now download the popcorn time app installer on your Windows PC.

 Popcorn Time Installer
Popcorn Time Installer

3. If you get bombarded by warnings to not install, just ignore them like you ignore vegetables at dinner.

4. You now need to connect your iOS device to your Windows USB to run Popcorn Time. Also, turn on airplane mode, so notifications don’t disrupt the installation process. Plus your friends are texting you too much anyway, don’t they have a life?

5. Follow the installation instructions being displayed on the screen accordingly.

Click on Trust This Computer



8. You’ve now officially installed Popcorn Time on your iOS device.

So there you have it. What a happy ending. Popcorn Time’s brothers are proud of you. Child services were able to find the little guy a new home where he can stream any movie or show you’re in the mood to watch without a fear of being beaten by Netflix or Hulu. Though Popcorn Time does have longer delays than MovieBox, he’s only 3 years old so give him a chance to grow stronger legs to run faster in the future.