Showbox android app now available for your Chromecast

Watch Free Films/Movies and TV Shows on TV using Showbox Movies App and Chromecast Device – Experience a new world of entertainment. Learn the advantages of watching movies on Showbox.

Watching free films and TV shows has never been easier on your TV. You can install ShowBox on Chromecast and plug it to your TV to enjoy unlimited entertainment. Installation is easy and using ShowBox on Chromecast takes 10-seconds of learning. Tutorial of installation Showbox here

Chromecast with movie app Showbox is simple and it just works!

Chromecast Device

ShowBox With Your Chromecast Device

Let’s be real about why you’re here. You walk by your local theater everyday, and you just salivate at all those current movies playing. But you don’t have the time or want to spend $12 for each film, sitting in a sticky chair with people eating loudly chewing on popcorn beside kids who can’t sit still.

No, we don’t want that. Is there a way out of this expensive entertainment culture?

The movie app ShowBox app is probably called ShowBox because it shows you the box that is your life. You’re trapped in this box of rules and limitations of how you want to watch the movies you love.

But thanks to the Chromecast, you can pay a low one-time fee and have free media access in the comfort of your own home, and if you have your own baby at home eating popcorn too, what the hell are you doing give them a salad or something. Here are some highlighted features of the ShowBox app.

Why ShowBox Android app when there are other alternatives?

I know what you’re thinking now. You know a few other apps that can do whatever Show Box does. You think why download ShowBox then?

Here are top reasons to download ShowBox instead of all the other apps out there.

Crisp resolution as sharp as the device you’re running.

A simple to use interface that won’t make you want to rip your hair out in frustration.

Not necessary to sign up and login each time.

Categorized content just like paid services.

Ability to download and save content to your device for viewing outside a Wi-Fi connection.

Quality options including 1080p or lower quality depending on your Wi-Fi signal strength.

Send videos you’ve saved on your device to your friends with a note saying “I’m better than you” for extreme envy.

Your videos are saved categorically so depending on the meta data; it’ll save to the appropriate section.

Chromecast? Check. ShowBox movie app? Check. Being better than all your friends? Check. Turning your living space into a personal theater of your own and charging people $1 to come over and watch any movie they want? Well, be careful, not sure if that’s legal or not.

In Upcoming Post, I’ll Guide you, How to stream Showbox movies to Chromecast?